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Did you know...

... that geese eat acorns? At least the ones at Dunwoody campus do. Weird.


I have to be a school early tomorrow to make up a French test. It should be fairly easy, I just wish I could take it after class instead of before. I'm really not at my best before noon. LJ just posted a new icon community, which means that I will be on my laptop for the next five hours or so scrolling through and saving the ones I like. For those of you that don't know, I am an avid user icon collector and have been so for years now. I think I have over 4,000 or something. A lot, anyways. Finally finished the striped fingerless gloves I've been working on, but I need to wash them a few times because they aren't as soft as they should be and itchy gloves kinda suck. But they look awesome. I need to go by Joann's and get some new buttons because the ones I originally picked out don't look right. Sad. They were these pretty sparkly black and silver buttons. I realized recently that I have this weird love/ hate relationship with knitting magazines. I want to make almost every pattern in there but not quite how they have it written so I have to tweak them. I do adore that mag though. I want to buy every issue. Brent gets annoyed and say we can just download them off Demonoid but its not the same. Actually, if you want me to love you forever, get me a subscription to Vogue Knitting. ;). God, do I love Vogue Knitting. I just started a Alice in Wonderland inspired lace beret on the tiniest needles I've ever used. But its pretty and complex and should keep my hands busy between classes. Although I worry that by the time I finish it will be too warm to wear it.

My hair is like a cat

In the sense that in never does what I want it too. Grr. Just tried to dye it dark cherry red but it has decided to be stubborn and stay its normal dark auburn. Oh well. In other news, I finally spoke with the people at the Furkids cat shelter and it looks like I'll be starting as a volunteer next week. I'm so excited! They let me play with some of the kittens when I went by and they were so insanely cute. Anywho, I'm making my weekly cool-stuff-I-find-on-the-internet post.

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demotivational posters
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See you all tomorrow. Umm... well, tonight actually. :D

Good thing this class is online

Other wise i might have to beat someone in the face. Ugh. My computer concepts text and professor both seem to be stuck in the 90s. Its really sad considering that most of the people have limited knowledge of computers to start with and are being given information that is either incorrect or severely antiquated. I just had to write up a discussion article on the oh-so-dangerous hacker who is out to destroy everything from corporate companies to individual civilians. *rolls eyes*

I did find a picture of Cthulhu as a baby thought. Its cute. Cute and evil.

Which I'm pretty sure I do. I've started knitting at nearly every available opportunity and have four project lined up a the moment. The one I'm about to start is a pair of striped long arm-warmers in charcoal grey and shimmery black. I also found these black and silver glitter buttons to go on them. I can't wait to cast on tomorrow. They should only take me a few days to make, depending on how much free time I have and how often I decide that knitting is more fun than sleep. Lol. Then a pair of dark blue star lace gloves and another lace pair is the most beautiful mohair yarn I have ever seen. Its soft, slightly fuzzy, and varies in color from dark grey, to smoke colored, to strands of bright silver. My arms are going to be swathed in pretty.

Still having issues with the shawl I'm trying to make though. I can't seem to find a lace pattern that I'm happy with and I keep unraveling it to start over. Ugh. I think I'm just going to set that one aside for now and work on my smaller projects.

Amusements of the day


Oh insomnia, my cruel mistress, how you haunt me tonight. Lovingly aided by heartburn, that old flame. You leave me without sleep, exhausted and longing for rest. Le sigh. My life is fail.

Also, because mom is out of town with the whole oh-fuck-they-chopped-my-titties-off thing, Brent and I are staying at her place to watch the cats, be there for JC Penny to deliver this amazingly ugly chair, etc. Her place has an alarm system, which I set most nights. Last night was once of these. Little did I know that Charles (the guy Mom hired to do some painting and rearrange furniture repeatedly) was coming over this morning to finish working on the fireplace. I wake up to the incredibly loud alarm schreech. Manage to turn it off and the sercurity company calls to make sure we are ok. Because I could totally answer the phone if someone broke into my house and was beating the snot out of me. Anywho. House phone was temporarily AWOL so I missed the call. 20 minutes later they call my cell and ask is everything is ok. WTF? In real life I'd be dead. The guy asks for the password so he can cancel the police response. I don't know what it is, so he says the police will have to come by, but just show them my id and ervything will be fine.

They never come. Wow. Protect and serve? Seriously? Talk about bad service. "Broadview Security. If anything actually happens... you're kinda fucked."

Send in the fail boat!

Yay! :D

I finally finished my hat. Didn't turn out quite like I envisioned, but I'm still happy with it. I love the feeling of finishing a knitting project. You feel so competent and accomplished. I plan on starting another one tomorrow. I'm thinking shimmery purple yarn.

WTF!?! Pirate Nun!!!